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Why This Book?
This national bestseller has helped so many people become free form sicknesses, diseases, relationship breakdowns and strengthened their faith! Join Dr. Wright as he takes you on a journey through the Word to discover what God has to say about His blessings. 

A More Excellent Way has changed many lives and we want to share a few of these stories to encourage you as you learn about this amazing life-changing book and how it can impact your life as well.

  • Robert G. Wiese, DDS, Cosmetic & Laser Dentistry
In my 20+ years of dental practice, I have seen a direct connection between an individual's personal history and his overall health condition. Unless someone is unusually strong spiritually, the more life trauma he or she experiences, the more 'sickly' they become. Pastor Henry Wright is not a simple 'healer', but is a man of faith who has used modern scientific method to research and document the actual spiritual causes of specific diseases. Once the spiritual roots are dealt with, the body will heal itself.
  • Jimmy McDonald, Author, Ordained Elder in Africa
Henry Wright gives a very unique biblical insight into the healing ministry, along with medical footnotes that point out the spiritual roots and causes of disease. every pastor, evangelist, teacher and Christian layperson ought to have this manual as a follow-up to their healing ministry. The principles of the book A More Excellent Way brought clarity and understanding in my moments of personal tragedy.
  • Robert Wayne Inzer, MD, FACOG
It is a privilege to add my recommendation to this life-changing book. I have been practicing physician for more than 20 years, and when I first heard of A More Excellent Way, I had significant skepticism and reservations. I have not only seen the transformed lives and physical healings, but have experienced a personal transformation in my life and in my family. I feel I finally have an answer to so many of my patients' needs. My Prayer for anyone reading this for the first time is that you will let the Word of God bring the transforming power it was always meant to.
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